Team Building

Whether to bond with colleagues or to reward your team, a Culinary Team Building will leave you and your guests smiling long after the cooking is done. The benefits of “cooking together” are numerous! It improves creativity, team work, communication while offering new cooking skills, a lot of fun and great food!
All our events can be organized at our venue but also at your company.

  • Market race and cooking competition

This activity will challenge teams for their organization and abilities to help each other while learning new cooking skills. The jury will decide about the winners according to food presentation, taste and leaders aptitude to support their teams. We promise, the extra fun is practically served on a silver platter!
This event can be shared with your overseas partners or clients as a Live cooking challenge.  Watch our video!
Challenge & full meal price per person: 39,5$. Market race option: 5$/pax,
Duration: 3 to 4 hours.

  • Blind Tasting & The Wrap & Roll short contest!

If you’re up for short fun culinary experience or just want to add some sizzle to your dinner plans, dive into the Blind Tasting and Wrap & Roll Contest! Program: 1.5 hours of epic cooking challenge and blindfolded taste-tests, topped off with 30 minutes for the jury to dish out awards and everyone to relish in the participants’ culinary masterpieces!
Price per person: 32$ (from 27$/pax without the blind tasting challenge)
Duration: 2 hours

  • Street Food challenge

Teams earn points by learning about the city, the food, taking photos or solving puzzles. Excitement for all, guaranteed, while fostering friendship and communication, for positive team building results. Watch our video!
Price per person:
from 50$ including transport & full meal.
Duration 4 hours.

All rates don’t include 5% service fee.
We welcome groups from 15 to 100 participants all year, contact us for a tailor-made event, menu and quote at: or fill our booking on line or call +84 934000917

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