The Kids Table

Kids learn valuable cooking skills, enjoy a fun activity and whet their taste buds to discover that “real food” is good and tasty! We aim to let them stir, measure, break, shred and taste ingredients to discover fresh food flavors and being proud of their result.
Our menu offers Vietnamese, Thai, French and Italian delicacies. We adapt the cooking difficulties to the kid’s age.
From 12 to 25 students per session, vegetarian options are available.

Duration: 2h to 2h30.
Rate: 500 000/kid.
Menu: download it here.
Inclusion: 2 dishes, meal, water, iced tea, all material & private venue from 12 kids.
Exclusion: Transport. We can arrange the transportation for a additional fee.

Let us organize a Birthday party or week end activity for your kids and their buddies.
Our chef instructor and support staff are dedicated to make sure your child learns how to make a delicious meal and enjoy it with friends. If your child is a fan of Master Chef Junior, we can include a “cooking contest” or “secret ingredients tasting”.
Parents are welcome to bring a birthday cake. We provide all the plates, cups and drinks.

Duration: 2:30 to 3 hours.
Menu: Vietnamese, Italian, Thai or French food.
Cooking difficulties will be set by our team according to the kid’s age.  download it here.
Rate: 500 000vnd/kid from 5 till 12 years old.
Inclusion: 2 dishes, meal, all material & private venue.
Exclusion: drinks to be chosen among our menu.