Offer to your friends, parents or beloved the opportunity to discover the tastiest Cuisine with our Vietnamese Chef. All our team is fluent in English.

  • Pick a service: Cooking Class on site or Live Cooking Class or Street Food Tour, and email your choice contact@saigoncookingclass.com!
  • Make your payment by Pay Pal or Bank transfer and then receive the voucher by email.
  • For any class, the lucky person will receive coaching and tips to cook step by step her own meal with Chef and the recipes book.

Live Cooking Class

Let our Chef enter your kitchen!

Stay at home and log in from your kitchen with our chef for a private 2 dishes class simply using Skype. It's only you and the Chef for 2.5 hours!




The Foodie day

Street Food Tour & Cooking Class, a fantastic way to dig into Vietnamese Cuisine & Culture!

1 full day of food adventure from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. 4 hour morning street food tour followed by a hands-on cooking class 3 hours to cook and enjoy 4 dishes in the afternoon.




10% off

Hands-on Cooking Class

Discovery of Vietnamese cuisine.

Learn Vietnamese cuisine for 3-hours class to cook and enjoy 4-dishes. Take back with your cookbook.




Half-day gourmet tour

For a deep understanding of Vietnamese cuisine.

Visit the traditional market with the Chef + enjoy a 3-hours class to cook and eat 4 dishes. Take home your cookbook.




Street Food Secrets Tour

A thrilling culinary adventure in the small alleys of Saigon.

4 hours of culinary discovery! 5 dishes, fruits and 2 local drinks to taste. Pick-up and return to the district. 1 or 3