Street Food Tour

Street Food tour by scooter

Adventurous people, hop on the back of our motorbikes and let our team drives you to experience the city as locals do!

Walking street food tour

Take your time and walk across the city by passing by Saigon’s small alleys. Taxi will also be used for the longest distances.


Our food experts will bring you first to a (very!) local market to discover exotic ingredients, local habits and taste what locals eat in the morning. This fascinating introduction is essential to understand what you will eat later.

Then you will visit with us our favorites street vendors and canteens in district 3, 10 and 5 to savor at least 4 Vietnamese delicacies, snack and local drinks while discovering local life, flower market and charming sites.

As this is physically impossible to eat all what you will see on the tour, let our chef be your guide through a thrilling journey across Saigon small alleys!

Rates: 50$ or 1 100 000 vnd

Kids from 7  till 12 years old 40$ or 880 000 vnd. Younger kids can be accepted for the taxi option only.

Schedules: 8:30am till 12:30pm – Group size: 1 to 8pax.

Evening Private Tour by scooter only: (from 2 pax) 60$ or 1 356 000vnd

Schedules: 6:30pm till 9:30pm

Inclusion: pick-up and drop off at your hotel in district 1 or 3 (30 000 vnd per pax added for pick-up outside district 1 or 3 by scooter, cost for a taxi according to your accommodation location).

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