Team Building

Street food tour, market race and treasure hunt, cooking challenge, food creativity challenge, fear eating contest…each option offers something different but we guarantee for each event exotic discoveries, new cooking skills, a lot of fun and of course great food!

For our Street Food challenge, teams earn points by learning about the city, the food, taking photos, solving puzzles or talking to locals. Excitement for all, guaranteed, while fostering friendship and communication, for positive team building results. Price per person starts from 50usd. Watch our video!

Market race and cooking competition will challenge teams for their organization and abilities to help each other while learning new cooking skills. The jury will decide about the winners according to food presentation, taste and leaders aptitude to support their teams. Price per person starts from 39usd. Watch our video!

Make your event a good action for a local orphanage or a cause you wish to support! Some or all the cooked meals can be donated.

We welcome groups from 15 to 100 participants all year, contact us for a tailor-made event and quote at: or fill our booking on line!

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